Ironic Adventures


Farewell & Goodnight

Much like the “tag line” Bible verse I chose for this blog five years ago – we plan and God (lovingly) corrects. Since the heart of the explanation is too long for the space I want to take up here, this will have to do: God would have me spending my time and attention on Him and my family, rather than trying to be the next awesome blogger (not that I have blogged much at all in the last year). My heart already feels lighter without the “you really should be doing something with that blog you have” hanging over my head and clouding my thoughts. :-)

That said, I have already paid for my site through August 2016, so access to all my free and paid printables will remain here until then.

I am very slowly moving all my printables to Teacher’s Notebook. So, bookmark my Teacher’s Notebook Shop: iA Printables so you can find all the freebies and paid items there by August 2016 (note that all NEW items will ONLY be added to TN and not this site).

If you are a Wet ‘n’ Wild or All Access Member – you should have received a personal email directly from me giving you access to a Google Drive where all your paid items are now going to be stored (and you CAN still access them here until August 2016). I will still be creating and adding NEW printables – just not in this space. I DO still plan to create learning recourses, just not in this space. So – those wishing to purchase access to Wet ‘n’ Wild ABCs or interested in getting All-Access Membership can still do so, the links and info will just point you to a Shared Google Drive rather than a login page for ironic adventures.

Thank you all for your continued support of our families educational adventures. If you have any concerns or questions please email me.