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Spectrum Saturday: Emotions Memory Game

One of the things my son needs more work on is interpreting the feelings of others. He will constantly say to me “you’re mad,” when I am sad or confused or disappointed or frustrated. Basically everything that isn’t what he considers a ‘happy’ face…is ‘mad’ to him. I think part of {Continue Reading…}


Schooling on the Spectrum: Our Journey {Part 1}

Can I make a confession? I don’t like the term/phrase “special needs (child).” It doesn’t offend me, but I guess it more bothers me because it encompasses such a broad spectrum of kids – like, I dunno – ALL OF THEM. Because, don’t all of our kids -whether “clinically” deemed {Continue Reading…}


Five Minute Friday: Good


The Lord will give what is GOOD. This stuck out to me a day ago when reading Psalm 85 (v12). And I know this is just one of the hundreds of places in His Word where He points out that He gives us GOOD things or works for our GOOD.

Sometimes {Continue Reading…}


Everything is Awesome: Blogging with CoSchedule

This post contains affiliate links, go here to read more.

(If you have boys in your house under the age of 12, then you likely now have the Lego Movie theme song running through your head. Your welcome.)

If you know me even a little, you know that organization and planning makes me {Continue Reading…}


Spring Critters ‘n’ Things Mega Learning Pack

My dear friends Itchy Eyes and Stuffy Sinuses have just informed me that Spring is right around the corner. Perhaps my favorite friends are visiting you too?

Well, maybe this free colorful Spring Critters ‘n’ Things Learning Mega Pack will brighten your day? With over 90 pages of Preschool and Kindergarten level learning {Continue Reading…}


St. Patrick’s Day Learning Pack

Can you believe it’s about to be March? I can’t – we’ve been just a tad bit busy around here. In fact, I can’t even believe it’s 2015. I think my brain got stuck some time around Easter last year when we found out we were expeacting our fourth {Continue Reading…}


Oh yeah, I have this blog…

Would you believe that doing nothing gains you a lot in this cyber world? I didn’t, but it seems to be true.

Realizations earlier this year led me to spend more time focused on my family’s needs and less on my own needs (aka becoming some super-mom-homeschool-blogger). And so {Continue Reading…}


Spectrum Saturday: Crockpot Sweet Marinara & Meatballs

Micah’s favorite dish has always been spaghetti. When we went gluten, soy, and casein free finding good spaghetti sauce was hard – nearly all brands have that ever illusive “natural flavors” ingredient…which I’ve become wary of for many reasons – what IS the “natural flavor,” and why do you have {Continue Reading…}


Spectrum Saturday: I Need You

He’s loud. There’s no volume control or understanding (even though loud noises and loud voices form others make him upset).

His “playing” (if you can call it that) takes up the entire floor. It’s a “mess.”


He talks to himself ALL the time. He narrates EVERYTHING {Continue Reading…}