Ironic Adventures


Mama, it’ll be 2015 soon!

If only kids could understand how stressful the passing of time is for grown ups! Mine don’t. In fact, on the day Thing One turned 6, he said, “Soon I’ll be 7!” He finds excitement in growing up, in the years and months passing, and I can’t believe it’s April {Continue Reading…}


Spectrum Saturday: An Introduction & Oatmeal Bars

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It has officially been a year since our family began our GFCFSF journey to help Micah both emotionally and digestively.

History & Explanation

It was about two years ago when the spiraling meltdowns followed by ineffective discipline, followed by {Continue Reading…}


St. Patrick’s Day Printables

I’ve been busy and am excited to share what we’ll be doing for our St. Patrick’s week! I’ve create a HUGE pack of learning activities for age 3-6, with over 25 different activities.

What’s in the pack? What isn’t in the pack?! You’ll find: counting up to 20, number {Continue Reading…}


February Freebie!

Even with a new baby in the house, I still like to find simple learning activities the Things can do when they start to go a little crazy from all the unrestricted freedom.

It’s funny that we take “learning breaks” instead of “play breaks” nowadays. Hm, maybe life should {Continue Reading…}


Dear Self, Stop the Comparisons!

Sometimes I find myself so caught up in what I “should” be doing; comparing myself to those around me until I feel like a massive failure of a mom, wife, teacher, person. Here’s an unfiltered peek into my head as of late:

“I should have a clean home because {Continue Reading…}


WiPs Wednesday #6: Cowl Craze

I’ve been having fun making something other than hats! After finding a bunch of gorgeous yarn at Thanksgiving (at the shop where my mom works) I’ve been creating some fun cowls. Here’s a couple, but I also made one, in purples, for my mom for Christmas (forgot to snap {Continue Reading…}


Introducing: Thing Three

This Three has arrived safe and sound!

Born at home on January 1, 2014 at 5:00am. Only 5 days late – seems he just wanted to wait until the New Year to make his very quick arrival (more on that story later).

We’re adjusting to this sweet new little man and taking {Continue Reading…}


WiPs Wednesday #5: Ben’s Blues

I’ve been working so hard on snuggley things for Thing Three…when Thing Two called me out on an important fact: I have not yet made him a “special blanket.”

And he’s right. If truth be told, I didn’t make Thing One’s blanket until right after Thing Two was born. {Continue Reading…}


Top 13 in 2013

First, I want to thank all of my wonderful readers who have made this blog more than just a place to share our homeschool journey with our own family. This space on the web has become more than proof of our educational journey – it’s become a creative outlet {Continue Reading…}


Super Bowl XLVIII

Thing One is really (and I mean really) into NFL football. It’s his “thing.” We all enjoy football, but The Geek and Thing One are the SUPER fans in our house. I wanted to make something fun for us to follow the PlayOffs over the next few weeks.

If {Continue Reading…}