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Oh yeah, I have this blog…

Would you believe that doing nothing gains you a lot in this cyber world? I didn’t, but it seems to be true.

Realizations earlier this year led me to spend more time focused on my family’s needs and less on my own needs (aka becoming some super-mom-homeschool-blogger). And so {Continue Reading…}


Spectrum Saturday: Crockpot Sweet Marinara & Meatballs

Micah’s favorite dish has always been spaghetti. When we went gluten, soy, and casein free finding good spaghetti sauce was hard – nearly all brands have that ever illusive “natural flavors” ingredient…which I’ve become wary of for many reasons – what IS the “natural flavor,” and why do you have {Continue Reading…}


Spectrum Saturday: I Need You

He’s loud. There’s no volume control or understanding (even though loud noises and loud voices form others make him upset).

His “playing” (if you can call it that) takes up the entire floor. It’s a “mess.”


He talks to himself ALL the time. He narrates EVERYTHING {Continue Reading…}


More than I Can Handle

It’s part of our sinful human nature: to be selfish and impatient, to worry and take over control of our lives until the only place we’re meeting God is in a church on Sunday morning as we go through the motions, wondering where all the joy went.


Spectrum Saturday: What I Like to Do!

It’s May, and yes, I was going to post once (or twice!) a month about our autism journey with Thing One. But hey – four month old at home – I get a pass, right?

Amazingly, Thing One has been doing AWESOME with all the changes at home and has been {Continue Reading…}


Wet ‘n’ Wild ABCs ~ Letter P

I know -finally- a Wet ‘n’ Wild post! It’s been a looooong four (nearly five) months getting back to the land of “normal” with a new baby in the house. It’s been far, far too long since I’ve had time to REALLY work on blogging.

We actually did our {Continue Reading…}


Spring Math Printable

We went on “vacation” for a week down to Portland, Oregon. We had a fun week filled with friends and family. We spent half the week with my best friend and her family. We haven’t spent that much time together since college! Then we spent Easter weekend with my {Continue Reading…}


Mama, it’ll be 2015 soon!

If only kids could understand how stressful the passing of time is for grown ups! Mine don’t. In fact, on the day Thing One turned 6, he said, “Soon I’ll be 7!” He finds excitement in growing up, in the years and months passing, and I can’t believe it’s April {Continue Reading…}


Spectrum Saturday: An Introduction & Oatmeal Bars

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It has officially been a year since our family began our GFCFSF journey to help Micah both emotionally and digestively.

History & Explanation

It was about two years ago when the spiraling meltdowns followed by ineffective discipline, followed by {Continue Reading…}